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And the winner is.... Iliaktis laundry in Malia, a spectacular holiday destination on the island of Crete! Quite a few ALPHA tunnel washers have already been sold to laundries accross Europe and the Americas, and the first installation of an ALPHA TW5 tunnel washer was now successfully completed at Iliaktis laundry. We appreciate the trust from Iliaktis laundry and its CEO Georgios Chatzakis in our new second brand ALPHA by JENSEN.

Quality is an essential part of operations at JENSEN, and to learn more about how JENSEN goes the extra mile to guarantee quality, we are going straight to the people who make it happen. We sat down with Dave Xu, the quality manager in JENSEN China’s factory in Xuzhou.

After the large investments that JENSEN has made in expanding the Xuzhou plant and after optimizing our entire production and quality procedures, the JENSEN machines made in China have started more and more to spark the interest of customers around the world.

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