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JENSEN China’s Total Quality System

Quality is an essential part of operations at JENSEN, and to learn more about how JENSEN goes the extra mile to guarantee quality, we are going straight to the people who make it happen. We sat down with Dave Xu, the quality manager in JENSEN China’s factory in Xuzhou.

We talked about this previously, but can you give us a quick recap of the Total Quality System that JENSEN uses to manage machine quality?

Sure. We have a Total Quality System of extensive checks and controls at every step of production. First, we want to make sure only the highest quality parts enter our factory. Then we want to guarantee that these parts are assembled properly to make the best performing machines. Lastly of course, we want to test the machines to make sure they meet JENSEN standards, and then also we assist on the customer side during and after installation.

Also, we have detailed and customized procedures for every department: Quality, Production, PTA, Purchasing, Warehouse, etc. Each department is responsible to control their quality according to specific procedures that relate to their department.

What does JENSEN do to guarantee the highest quality of incoming parts?

We know there are some very high-quality manufacturers in China, and we want to make sure that only high-quality parts make their way into JENSEN machines. It is important to source reliable suppliers, although this is still not 100% fail-safe. The only way you can really guarantee all components is to test them, which is why we established the JENSEN Q-Lab – a quality control center located directly in our Chinese factory. It is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment to monitor several qualities that are integral to machine performance and longevity.

This is extremely important to final machine quality. Let’s take our spectrometer as an example. A spectrometer allows us to test the chemical composition of material. You can’t tell if a part is qualified just by looking at it, but with this machine we can test if a steel plate is regular steel or stainless steel. If, for example, one of our plates had too much chromium, then it would rust after a period of use.

If one of their machines has unqualified parts, it can result in a huge headache in the future for the laundry owner. If you think about it, machines that haven’t been properly tested are risky investments.

Q-Lab is a big investment from JENSEN, but it shows how serious we are about our commitment to quality. By eliminating components of inferior quality, we can guarantee the superior quality of JENSEN machines.

What is the next step, you called it production process control?

Yes, production process control or continuous line tests. After all the detail we put in to guarantee top quality components, we put this same level of detail into putting them together. We have clear checklists on each working station and a high focus on leadership and personal responsibility. Also, some pieces just cannot be examined on a completed machine, like a spring press. These must be examined directly on the line.

Also, as welding is important to machine integrity, we have strict guidelines to guarantee quality in all welds on the machines. An effective way to manage this is by maintaining the skills of all JENSEN welders. We do this following the AWS (American Welding Society) guidelines.

The third step is the outgoing control. What does JENSEN do ensure quality before shipping a machine out?

Yes, this step in one last and very detailed review of a machine before it leaves the factory. The machine is checked by a supervisor who confirms functionality and key quality points. Depending on the machine it may be connected to water, gas, or steam, and real test linen is run through it. The check is very extensive and even goes to the detail of re-check every single bolt and screw to be sure they are tightened.

The last step you mentioned was installation. How does JENSEN guarantee quality at installations?

A machine must be installed properly to work properly. Much like process control there is plenty of documentation, work orders, handbooks, and state-of-the-art tools for each machine to guarantee the best quality installation. We have been increasing the controls and checklists as well to even further guarantee the installation quality and efficiency.

Machines in the field often perform very different than in their ideal factory conditions. It is important to remember that a heavy-duty laundry machine is not a DVD player, where you just connect it and hit the on-button. Precisely because these machines are of the highest quality, they have a period of adjustment before they reach their full potential.

Our skilled and dedicated JENSEN aftersales team to work non-stop to install, maintain and service our machines, ensuring their highest levels of performance.

It is quality that has earned JENSEN the title as the leader of the global heavy industrial laundry market, and when customers choose JENSEN and ALPHA by JENSEN, they want the best machines. With the checks we have in place, JENSEN China made machines are receiving positive feedback from all around the world.

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