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Tuned to perfection: the versatile tunnel washer that reuses energy and water internally


  • High quality, high value for money solution for customers who need dependable laundry machinery that can simply get the job done
  • Tuned to perfection: higher efficiency productivity and wash quality with QuickSoak, EcoTune
  • A design that has proven robust and reliable a thousand times under the most severe conditions
  • Improved geometry of the patented Archimedian helix makes efficient use of the drum diameter and enables high drop curves for outstanding wash action
  • Tried and tested wash action with proven results in money and energy savings


Efficiency and Savings

  • Water reclaim system allow for water’s heat, chemistry and be reused in the pre-wash, main wash and rinse zones
  • Patented rinse process uses 10% less water
  • Add-ons like pre-rinse with excess press or centrifuge process water can save approximately 40% fresh water
  • Process water is recovered from various zones with potential of 100% reclaim
  • EcoTune, completes the tuning concept, improves wash quality, provides less wear and tear, and generates lower energy consumption


Easy and low maintenance

  • All drain valves have clamp fasteners for ease of maintenance and can be opened without tools for inspection
  • Clear production statistics in an easy to use interface
  • Smart Automation: operation displayed and controlled in convenient operating interface;
  • Individually configure up to 100 wash programs
  • Allocation of individual access rights for up to 40 users provide a high degree of protection against programming errors or misuse

Best wash performance

  • Deep beaters ensure the linen and process water are thoroughly mixed and outstanding wash action is made even more efficient by the wash-board shaped helix which offers multi-directions mechanical action
  • Every batch stays in its own bath until the start of the rinse zone and has its own individually programmed quantity of detergent, process water temperature, bath level etc.
  • QuickSoak optionally available, gives an extra shower of the linen in the first compartment for maximum soaking and drenching, BEST wash performance & highest productivity
  • Specially designed recovery tanks for processing dust mats

Best value

  • High quality, high value for money solution for customers who need dependable laundry machinery that can simply get the job done
  • The best JENSEN designs, mastered by JENSEN CHINA’s production facility
  • A durable and dependable machine with all the basic functions you need to achieve financial and operational goals, maximizing your value for money