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Throughout the world, JENSEN puts quality first. All JENSEN factories in the United States and Europe work with overall quality standards. On top of these high standards, JENSEN China goes four steps further with our Total Quality System.

1. Incoming Control at Q-Lab

All incoming parts are tested for the highest quality control. The tests include checking component life cycle, noise level, corrosiveness, strength, chemical composition, and geometrical precision. JENSEN delegates additional critical quality control tests to an independent, external company.

2. Continuous Line Tests

Clear checklists on each working station and a high focus on leadership and personal responsibility ensure that our customers get a top-quality product – without any exception. Essential parts that cannot be checked on a finished machine, like the tightness on the spring press, are checked at the relevant workstation. As welds are essential to machine integrity, JENSEN China strictly follows the welding guidelines of the AWS (American Welding Society). All welders receive continuous training and assessment to ensure that all welds on our machines are done in line with AWS standards. Regular sample welds are checked in the JENSEN Q-Lab with cut and etch tests as well as destructive/strength tests.

3. Outgoing Control

Before leaving the factory, each machine is examined by a supervisor. Detailed check lists to confirm functions and other key quality points on the machine.

4. Installation Control

Each installation by a JENSEN service team is equipped with clear work instructions and check lists for installation control. Standard procedures, professional installation handbooks and guidelines as well as state-of-the art tool boxes for each machine ensure the best quality of installation.