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Original Spare Parts, because only JENSEN parts can replace JENSEN parts

All ALPHA original parts are JENSEN original parts. They are the only ones that meet JENSEN quality standards, maintaining the value of the equipment and extending its life cycle.

Customers can continue to enjoy the ALPHA by JENSEN product warranty, that comes with each piece of equipment, and expires once non-JENSEN parts have been used.

Wear parts have a major impact on the processing quality. Using original JENSEN parts maximizes reliability and availability, minimizes maintenance outlay and ensures optimum functionality, thereby delivering premium laundry quality.

Customers expect spare parts to be delivered within a timeframe which reduces to a minimum any down-time costs caused by the breakdown of a machine. The answer is to have large central warehouses at the JENSEN production sites as well as decentralized storages for parts in local Sales & Service Centers. 

The majority of ALPHA by JENSEN parts are interchangeable with parts from European production centers. This means that all JENSEN storage centers can equally service both ALPHA and JENSEN machines.

Remote Orders via our Webshop are also available in some countries served by JENSEN.

Original JENSEN service parts give the customer the guarantee of systematically tested quality. Where they are manufactured inhouse, a cutting-edge pool of engineering machinery and highly qualified operators guarantee that they will be of the required quality. JENSEN sets the same standards for all its suppliers of materials, components and finishing processes.