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Production Support - with Jenassist Remote Access Service and Maintenance Contracts

Remote Access Service with Jenassist

The underlying principle is simple: The software operating the JENSEN equipment has built-in remote functionality that permits a whole range of services to be performed remotely on your equipment. Once the equipment is connected to Jenassist, a JENSEN technician will, at the customer's request, be able to access the system to provide live assistance, analyze log files, run diagnostics or even correct a fault. By providing faster support, Jenassist dramatically reduces downtime and increases your productivity. The laundry manager does not have to wait until the technician has travelled to his laundry, hence a lot of time and money is saved. As an additional benefit, we also reduce our carbon footprint because there is no need to travel. Jenassist is more than a fantastic way of trouble-shooting, as it also automates regular machine checks and detects potential malfunctions. This dramatically reduces the expensive machine downtime, and really pays off.

Maintenance Contracts

In many laundries, management is holding firm to its belief that the focus should remain on the core competence: providing linen services to their customers. Laundry managers prefer to play a larger role in the management of staff as well as the laundry and its sales and marketing, not just the machinery. Preventive maintenance measures tend to fall short due to lack of time, and unsurprisingly, quality then starts to suffer.

With a JENSEN service contract, every machine is regularly checked by an experienced technician and, above all, serviced and adjusted. In addition to preventive maintenance, JENSEN also takes over the service duties of the operations manager when he is on holiday or absent for any other reason. Generally, the JENSEN technician comes to see the laundry once a week. The contract is based on annual working hours: reserve hours are used for these kinds of substitutions. The customer is guaranteed a service in return, without any need for management to worry about organising a technician. The training and support of the technician also falls to JENSEN: this ensures that standards are always kept up-to-date.